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James Chadderton Art

Small Mounted 5th Ave, Manchester 60/100

Small Mounted 5th Ave, Manchester 60/100

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This mounted picture is on sale due to being used for a few exhibitions and we are trying to freshen up our display stock so grab yourself a discounted mounted picture at a fraction of the normal price!

Welcome to our post-apocalyptic artwork based on the iconic 5th Ave night club in Manchester! In this stunning artwork, we explore the haunting beauty of a once-thriving nightlife spot in the aftermath of an unknown cataclysmic event.

As you gaze upon the ruined remains of the 5th Ave night club, you'll be transported to a world where humanity struggles to survive amidst the ruins of a lost civilization. The vibrant colors of the club's neon lights still glow in the darkness, casting an eerie aura over the desolate landscape.

James has captured every detail of the 5th Ave night club's crumbling architecture, from the shattered windows to the twisted metal and concrete. You can almost hear the echoes of music and laughter that once filled these halls, now silenced by the desolation of a world gone mad.

This artwork is a powerful reminder of the fragility of human civilization and the resilience of the human spirit. It is a testament to the enduring beauty of our creations, even in the face of destruction and despair.

Whether you're a fan of post-apocalyptic art or simply appreciate the haunting beauty of abandoned places, this artwork is sure to capture your imagination and transport you to a world like no other. So come and explore the ruins of the 5th Ave night club in Manchester, and discover the breathtaking beauty that can arise from the ashes of destruction.


Small Print - 383mm x 304mm

Large Print - 762mm x 605mm

XL Print - 1093mm x 870mm



Small & Large Print - 1/100

XL Print - 1/50



Printed on high-quality German etching paper 310gsm, the Epson Stylus 9800 printer's giclee k3ultrachrome matt  precision ensures exceptional color accuracy and a rich tonal range. Each brushstroke and subtle nuance of the original artwork is faithfully reproduced, preserving the artist's intent and allowing for an immersive viewing experience.

This limited edition print is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail employed throughout the printing process. It is a true collector's item, with each piece numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its exclusivity and value. All printed by a authorised printers guild member.

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